John Lightfoot

Manchester, UK

John Lightfoot has been an instrumental part of the Barton Athletic Club (Barton AC) for over 60 years. He first became involved with Barton AC as a young leader, and has since served as a coach, fundraiser, trustee, and treasurer for the Club. One of John’s most notable accomplishments as a lifelong volunteer at the Barton AC has been the success of the “Save Barton AC” campaign that began in 2004 when the Club could no longer operate in their original location. To keep its doors open and find a permanent home, John spearheaded the efforts to raise almost £1 million to build a new state of the art facility, allowing the Barton AC to continue operating for the community and expand services to more young people. John’s leadership throughout this campaign resulted in 78,000 volunteer hours and a land plot donation from the Salford City Council, which has allowed the Club to create their own building, ensuring the long-term sustainability and success of youth programs at Barton AC. John Lightfoot’s impact on his community throughout his lifelong service exemplifies the qualities of a Promise Awards Finalist! Learn more about Barton Athletic Club: